Zadarma’s VoIP services help you separate work from personal at an incredible price

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Once upon a time, you may have had a work landline on your desk to take phone calls at the office -- but these days, more and more businesses-people are expected to keep tabs on communications when they’re not at the office. VoIP services can help a lot with that, by giving users a second phone number without having to carry around a second phone. Only one problem -- those services can be a little pricey.

That’s exactly where Zadarma steps in. 

The service is aimed at businesses and business-people who want access to multiple phone numbers without paying an arm and a leg. In fact, depending on your team size and the services you’re looking for, it may be absolutely free.

From local to international

There are a ton of advantages to using Zadarma’s VoIP services, and some of them you might not have thought of before. 

For starters, the service offers phone numbers from different countries. The result of that is that you won’t be making international calls to reach clients overseas -- and clients who get calls from you will be more likely to answer when they see a local phone number. 

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Zadarma supports over 100 countries. In other words, you can transform your smaller local business into an international one at almost no cost.

PBX without the hassle

Zadarma also makes it easier for workers at a business to communicate with each other, thanks to its cloud PBX system. Traditionally, implementing a PBX at a workplace can be expensive and require a ton of work, but Zadarma’s Cloud PBX service keeps all of that infrastructure in the cloud. 

In other words, as long as you have internet access, you’ll have a full internal telephone system. Zadarma’s PBX supports features like voice menus, call recording, call transfers, text auto responses, and more. 

There’s another advantage to Zadarma’s Cloud PBX services too -- the fact that it integrates with other customer relationship management (CRM) services too. Notable integrations include the likes of Slack, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, ZenDesk, Viber, Salesforce, Zoho, and more. Zadarma is adding more integrations too -- like with an upcoming integration with Hubspot. Through these integrations, you can manage all your interactions with clients and customers in one, unified system -- without having to always keep dozens of tabs open. These integrations include things like system notifications, SMS messages delivered into the messenger, and more -- and they’re extremely easy to use.

As with Zadarma’s other services, the Cloud PBX system is relatively inexpensive. In fact, according to Zadarma, businesses can save up to 90% compared to other offerings. There’s even a free Cloud PBX service that supports up to 30 users. That’s perfect for small businesses who don’t need all that many lines.

Something for everyone

Zadarma wants to be the go-to service for businesses of all sizes, which is why it offers a number of different packages for all of its different services. 

Whether you’re a small business with only a few employees, or a large corporation, you’ll almost certainly save some cash with one of Zadarma’s packages. Services can be accessed on a computer or smartphone, making it easy to always have access to your business communications, and ensuring that you can easily separate your business life from your personal life.

Want to save your business some cash? Learn more about Zadarma’s services straight from the Zadarma website.

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