You could soon control your VPN through Microsoft Edge

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Windows 11 users may soon be able to control and tweak their VPN from within their browser thanks to a new update coming to Microsoft Edge.

Appearing now for some Canary users, controls for the Microsoft Edge Secure Network (VPN) are now accessible within the browser for the first time, providing a quick and easy way to make sure their online activity stays private.

Spotted by Reddit user Leopeva64-2, the new settings appear under the Privacy, search and services menu within Microsoft Edge, and offer a number of ways for users to run their VPN.

Secure Network controls

Announced in May 2022, Microsoft Edge Secure Network is a service provided in partnership with web infrastructure and CDN provider Cloudflare, rather than entirely the company's own production.

The new menu offers three options when it comes to how Microsoft Edge Secure Network operates for users.

The "recommended" option, which appears to be on by default, means that the VPN automatically protects your traffic when using public Wi-Fi, when connecting to unsecured networks, or visiting a site without a valid HTTP certificate.

This setting provides 1GB of free VPN usage a month, but also conserves data by routing streaming and video content outside Secure Network.

The more "advanced" All Sites setting ensures that the VPN is used for all browsing traffic, including streaming and video content - although it advises that doing so will quickly use up the 1GB free monthly VPN traffic allowance.

At the other end of the spectrum, users can also choose to run the service on Select Sites, where they create a customized list of sites which when visited, activate the VPN. This option also routes all other traffic outside of Secure Network, giving users more free VPN traffic to enjoy.

Users can also set exceptions and rules to run Secure Network on certain sites, for example those that could pose possible security issues. The VPN can also be toggled on within the browser when visiting a website, with the option to "always use VPN for this site" also provided.

There's been no official confirmation from Microsoft around the update, but given that Edge Canary users are able to access the feature now, we're expecting a more public announcement soon.

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