Xplore unveils the XSLATE R12 detachable rugged tablet PC

Xplore Technologies has launched the XSLATE R12 detachable rugged tablet PC, which is aimed at public safety, manufacturing, utility, insurance, and construction industry professionals.

The 12.5-inch XSLATE R12 incorporates a number of customer requested features, such as antenna pass-through capabilities, an RJ-45 + Serial Port dongle and a Bluetooth-enabled keyboard that magnetically stows on the back of the tablet even when docked.

These and other features allow the XSLATE R12 to provide 2 in 1 flexibility along with the connectivity and ergonomics needed for any worker transitioning between field, vehicle and office locations.

The tablet comes with an optically bonded 800 Nit View Anywhere Display for outdoor usage. It is also designed to sync with existing back office systems and software to deliver real-time data via government-mandated multi-authentication access.

Mark Holleran, president and COO of Xplore, stated: “The XSLATE R12 is a result of Xplore’s 20- year dedication to customer-first rugged tablet engineering. Not only does our team truly understand our customers’ ever-changing mobility needs, we deliver exactly what they want, when they want it, because we are constantly listening to their feedback and innovating to meet their evolving technology requirements.

“The XSLATE R12’s carefully crafted feature set gives customers the industry-specific computing capabilities they haven’t been able to find elsewhere. At the same time, everyone will appreciate the form factor flexibility of this detachable tablet, which redefines the ease in which a device transforms from a tablet, to a notebook or desktop with a keyboard, and back.”

Ready to multitask

The Intel-powered XSLATE R12 is designed for multi-tasking in any demanding work environment, whether that be in hand while walking and working or in a secure mobile dock. It’s equipped with pen and touch capabilities and backed by a Bluetooth-connected keyboard that’s always on call when needed to complete more data-intensive tasks.

The standard hot-swappable battery makes it suitable for long shifts, while the large, outdoor-viewable display is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass for damage-resistant, day-and-night viewing.

The tablet also features more connectivity options than others in its class, including antenna pass-through capabilities, an RJ-45 and True Serial port dongle, and a SlateMate barcode reader and HF RFID reader combo.

The XSLATE R12 will also be available with multiple internal configurations, including a 7th generation Intel Core i7 processor with Windows 10 and 6th generation Intel Core i5 with Windows 7, 8.1 or Windows 10.

As part of Xplore’s commitment to its customers’ security, the XSLATE R12 enables multi-factor authentication capabilities for enterprise environments through a combination of TPM 2.0, an integrated fingerprint scanner and an optional Smart Card/CAC reader.

Holleran said: “The diverse features and functionalities of XSLATE R12 can assist public safety officials as they prepare incident response plans using antenna pass-through technology from a patrol car.

“It can also empower organisations of all sizes to mobilize data in real time to improve productivity and efficiency of those responsible for assembly, maintenance, logistics, inspection, and testing across many industries, including manufacturing and utilities.”

The XSLATE R12 is fully supported by a complete line-up of accessories purpose-built to ensure a seamless desktop-to-tablet transition. These include a desktop docking station, secure mobile dock, and Work Anywhere Kit featuring a carrying case and tablet kickstand.

Image Credit: Picjumbo / Pexels 

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