Xbox Game Pass hit Hi-Fi Rush is adding two new game modes this July

Hi-Fi Rush
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We'll be playing Hi-Fi Rush for some time yet, as the game has been confirmed to receive two brand new modes next month.

The popular Xbox Game Pass title was present during the Xbox Games Showcase Extended, where game director John Johanas walked viewers through what to expect from the Arcade Challenge update coming on July 5.

First up is BPM Rush, essentially Hi-Fi Rush's turbo mode. Defeating enemies in this mode will cause the song's tempo to increase. In turn, this will make the game play much faster, which extends to the speed at which enemies attack and how quickly Chai performs his combos. It's been billed as a more challenging game mode, but will include easier difficulty options for players who just want to enjoy the faster beats.

The second new mode is 'Power Up! Tower Up!' This is an inversion of Hi-Fi Rush's unlockable Rhythm Tower mode. Instead of playing as a fully-powered Chai, his stats and abilities will be reset to zero. You'll need to decide on how to upgrade as you progress through this new mode, lending it something of a rogue-lite feel. This mode is also notable for introducing new enemies not seen in the main story.

Johanas notes that you'll need to beat Hi-Fi Rush's main campaign in order to unlock these new modes. Though judging by their higher level of difficulty, this would probably be recommended to do anyway.

The Arcade Challenge update features new challenges and unlockables. It's also adding new skins for the adorable 808, new costumes and accessories, photo mode poses and filters.

Additionally, new paid DLC costumes for all the main characters will launch on the day of the update. These new threads are based around different time periods, making each character look significantly different than their base model.

It's always great to see more content coming to Hi-Fi Rush. I consider it to be one of the best Xbox Game Pass games available to download, and certainly one of the best Xbox Series X exclusives we've had in a long while.

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