Xbox Cloud Gaming just got a lovely upgrade on Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge
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The latest version of Microsoft Edge has made the browser even better for Xbox Cloud Gaming.

Microsoft Edge version 103 has introduced two new gaming modes for its browser. These are Clarity Boost and a new efficiency mode, and both look to be the perfect fit for Xbox Cloud Gaming.

Microsoft announced the additions via its Windows Experience blog – although the new gaming options have been in testing since March. But finally, the features have made their way to the latest public build of Microsoft Edge, which you can update to now.

Both Clarity Boost and efficiency modes are Edge-exclusive features. Clarity Boost is described by Microsoft as a "spatial upscaling enhancement," and makes the image appear clearer and sharper when playing games via the cloud on your browser. Check out the image below to see the difference Clarity Boost makes to Microsoft Flight Simulator.

The latest version of Edge also sees the addition of the aforementioned efficiency mode. This reduces the resource load on your browser when playing cloud-based games, leading to a boost in performance. This feature can be toggled on or off through Edge's System and Performance settings tab.

Microsoft Edge's new Clarity Boost feature in use with Xbox Cloud Gaming

(Image credit: Microsoft)

Microsoft Edge: the gamer's browser?

These latest updates to Edge show that Microsoft is serious about making its browser the go-to option for gamers. That's especially so if you have the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription necessary to access the Xbox Cloud Gaming service.

With the subscription, you don't even need an Xbox console to access the service's games. If they're playable via the cloud, they can be accessed on a phone, tablet or Microsoft's internet browser. These new performance options should make cloud gaming much more accessible on a variety of hardware, and look a lot nicer to boot.

Of course, Xbox Cloud Gaming can also be accessed through other browsers including Google Chrome and Safari. However, the new performance boosting features can only be found in Microsoft Edge.

We don't think these gaming-centric updates to Edge will be quite enough to pull people away from other popular browsers in droves. But it's nice to see Microsoft finally give its browser the edge (no pun intended) when it comes to accessing cloud gaming without a console.

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