New launch connects everything to the web

New launch connects everything to the web
Diageo are experimenting with personalising their whisky bottles

Imagine if your camera could tell you where and when to get the perfect shots? or an iPhone app told you when to buy more washing powder, Well that's the aim of new mobile middleware business, Evrythng.

Evrythng, is a UK business backed by Skype Founder Niklas Zennstrom's Atomico Ventures and with an impressive founding team - including CEO Niall Murphy (co-founder of The Cloud public Wi-Fi service), and CMO Andy Hobsbawm (European co-founder of – has officially launched with the intention of digitally connecting physical objects to the web.

Kevin Ashton came up with the concept of the Internet of Things in 1999 and dreamed one day that everything would be attached to the Internet, but various barriers prevented this happening. However the move to IP V6 and technologies such as 4G, NFC , QR codes, mbed etc now means that it's now - at least possible - to get started on the Internet of Things, and Evrythng 's aim is helping produce the glue that links these connected objects with apps that can use the data.

Evrythng envision the tools they're creating being used in various different scenarios such as what if your;

  • oven recommended a trusted, local service agent when it needed fixing?
  • glucose monitor suggested recipes for your type of diabetes?
  • designer bag let you know it was the real thing and not a fake?
  • bike lets you know when it needs servicing

The way Evrythng and any third-party developer will deliver the new functions is through the Evrythng API, which allows developers to add personalisation, tracking, and analytics features to practically anything big enough to have a unique identifier attached to it.

Evrythng have been running several trials of their APIs, including one with drinks manufacturer Diageo. The campaign which launched in Latin America in August 2012 allowed consumers to attach a personalised film tribute to their father on to a bottle of whisky they were giving him on Father's Day. Both giver and receiver could then share the digital content on social platforms and opt-in to ongoing CRM programs.