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Workplace from Facebook update will make your company all-hands less of a mess

Workplace from Facebook All Hands
(Image credit: Facebook)

At this year's Workplace Transform virtual summit, Workplace from Facebook announced a number of updated features designed to help organizations build a new future of work.

The first of which is a fine-tuned Q&A experience designed to help facilitate two-way conversations between an organization's leaders and employees at all-hands events. 

Now when a company goes live for a Q&A while video conferencing, new comment and question filters will ensure that hosts don't miss any questions. At the same time though, everyone will be able to follow the conversation and even join in with reactions through a text box to the right of the main video window.

As everyone won't be able to tune in for each Q&A, Workplace from Facebook will now use machine learning to automatically add video chapters to organization's live and pre-recorded videos. These chapters enable viewers to jump to the sections of a video they're most interested in and can also be used to draw attention to certain moments during a Q&A session.

Knowledge Library

According to Workplace from Facebook, the average employee spends over nine hours a week searching for critical company information like travel policies which is why the service introduced its Knowledge Library feature last year. 

The Workplace Knowledge Library serves as a home for key resources where organizations can create, store and share static content such as HR policies, information about benefits or work from home advice in one single place.

As part of its latest update, Workplace from Facebook has added new cover pages for categories to make a company's content look better and be more engaging. Access and engaging with an organization's company information is also now easier as admins can attach language translations to these categories so that employees will automatically see Knowledge Library content in their preferred language.

Finally, trying new things or making changes in Knowledge Library is now easier as Workplace from Facebook has introduced Version History so that admins can revert changes if they need to.

Anthony Spadafora

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