Win ROG tech at PAX West 2019

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PAX West attendees usually come to try out the latest indie games on top-end PCs and laptops. The games and tech change with the times, but you’re still going to explore, to meet industry experts and celebs, and to get lots of free stuff.

Compared to all that, Republic of Gamers’ (ROG’s) 2019 booth might be offering what PAX attendees love today—swag raffles, battle royale matches, and online personalities—but it’s also bringing something entirely new to the table.

Whichever day between August 30th through September 2nd you can make it to the ROG booth, you’ll want to line up nice and early—especially if you fancy yourself a battle royale expert. It’s the best way to make sure you’re entered to win as many prizes as possible!

In the morning, you can team up with a fellow PAX attendee to play Fortnite Duos on top-of-the-line ROG gaming desktops. Be on one of the first ten winning teams, and you will receive one ROG Mechanical Sculpture per player. These are limited edition mechanical eye sculptures from Metal Earth that you can build yourself, and they typically can only be found bundled with ROG laptops. So bring your best Fortnite teammate or just make a friend in line, and you could win this snazzy-looking collector’s item. 

(Image credit: ASUS)

Plus, score the highest in your match, and you’ll receive an automatic entry into the daily raffle at 3pm, for a chance to win ROG peripherals and hardware.

But being a fort-building fiend isn’t the only way to win prizes. The booth will have other experiences and zones, revolving around ROG gaming devices like the newly released ROG Phone II. Check out each zone and get your ROG “passport” stamped at each location, and you’ll be entered into the daily giveaway. If you don’t luck out, you can always come back another day and try again!

For another option, take a selfie while competing at the esports station and post it on Instagram. Tag “rog_na”, add the hashtag “#ROGatPAX”, and you’ll have an equal chance to win that mystery ROG swag. 

Despite all these different options, maybe you’re not the kind of person who overly cares about PAX giveaways. If that’s the case, consider swinging by the booth in the afternoon between 1–3pm. At that time ROG will let visitors play Fortnite matches with streamers and “influencers” that ROG invited to their booth. 

If you’ve ever wondered if you’re cut out for the esports life, now’s your chance to test your mettle in front of PAX crowds and see if your skills and nerves stand up to pressure. Or you can just enjoy the show.

(Image credit: ASUS)

Two of ROG’s announced “Elite Ambassadors” for its PAX booth are Jon Kefaloukos and Addison Queen. Kefaloukos, a former Gears of War pro turned caster, is a pro esports announcer for Gears of War, Halo and Fortnite tourneys. Whereas Queen, an active-duty airman and a member of the Grunto Esports Fortnite team, brings more of a custom PC building perspective. Together they’ll commentate on matches and bring some tournament-style ambience to the ROG booth. 

Once you’re done trying your hand at being an esports pro and winning awesome prizes, don’t leave ROG’s booth before trying out the successor to its massively popular ROG Phone.

The ROG Phone II is one of the only smartphones on the market truly designed for gaming, with built-in tech like its hardcore GPU, 120Hz HDR screen for minimal touch-to-response latency, a vapor chamber heat sink and built-in shoulder Air Triggers. Which may be why, once it went on sale, gamers snatched up all 10,000 in stock in just over a minute.

We recommend you mimic the Techradar editors and conduct your own hands-on investigation, measuring exactly which features will improve your mobile gaming experience. You can play demos of PUBG or Fortnite to get a sense of how much better these demanding games run on a system designed specifically for them, compared to your current phone.

You can’t ask for more jam-packed excitement, tech showcases and free stuff in one booth, which makes the ROG booth a can’t-miss stop for your PAX West 2019 plans!