What to look for from data recovery services

data recovery services
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Most businesses don’t think about data loss until it’s too late. Whether caused by human error, software failure, or malware, a full or partial corruption of a hard drive or backup server is a disaster. Valuable or sensitive files can be lost, and important business relationships can be put at risk. In the worst of cases, data loss can lead to legal liabilities. 

Fortunately, data recovery software is now more affordable and accessible than ever. This article helps businesses make the right choice when investing in a data recovery solution. Before reading our guide to the best data recovery software, you’ll need to know how data recovery software works and what you’re looking for in a business solution.

Important features

When looking for a data recovery solution, some features are more important than others.

One of the most important is cross-platform operability. Today, the majority of businesses use a range of devices running macOS, Windows 10, and/or other operating systems. So when considering a provider, make sure their software operates across multiple operating systems, or if compatible software is available to download. Because nothing could be worse than thinking that you’re prepared for a data loss crisis, only to realize that the software isn’t compatible with the device in question. 

Businesses must also look for a file recovery provider that enables different scanning options for different data recovery needs. For example, providers such as EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro provide both quick and deep scan options. The quick scan option takes only 1–2 minutes and is ideal for recovering accidentally deleted files or reformatted data. The deep scan, however, can last several hours and is designed for complex data loss scenarios such as a significantly corrupted file system. Locating malicious data or malware would also require a deep scan. 

Another useful feature is data backup. Some providers, like Crashplan, operate both as a service for backing up data (with unlimited cloud storage space) and as a data recovery service. This type of dual-operability is a nifty feature that enables businesses to kill two birds with one stone. 

Finally, small but useful features such as file previewing, partition recovery, and disk cloning mark the difference between an average and a top-notch data recovery service. These features add useful flexibility and make it simpler for businesses and individuals to recover their lost files.  

Refunds and customer service

Most data recovery services offer a free trial, so businesses shouldn’t buy without trying. Ideally, your business hasn’t waited until a data loss has occurred before investing in a data recovery solution, so you’ll have time to work out which provider best suits your organization’s individual needs. Take some time to try a few different providers and find out which one best suits your business’ individual needs. With so many quality providers, you shouldn’t settle for a sub-standard file recovery solution.

Customer service and support options are also a crucial factor to consider. For premium data recovery products, 24/7 customer support is a must. We also encourage business leaders to look for a provider that offers a dedicated account manager or customer service representative for enterprises. Such support will ensure you can receive timely and reliable advice as soon as a data loss occurs, no matter the time of day. This will increase the likelihood of successfully recovering lost data.


The good news is that even the best data recovery software providers are significantly more affordable than in-person data recovery services. Nonetheless, the cost is an important factor to consider when looking for a data recovery solution. 

An in-depth reading of our data recovery software buying guide will show that the average price for a premium file recovery solution is around the $40 per month mark. However, rather than pay on a monthly or annual basis, businesses would do well to consider purchasing a lifetime subscription as this is often significantly more affordable. For example, a lifetime subscription to EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro costs only $149.95 per license.

More comprehensive (but expensive) options are available for medium and large businesses. OnTrack EasyRecovery’s Toolkit edition, for instance, sells for $699 per year, is licensed for three devices, and provides a best-in-class file recovery solution. 

Taking the time to find a provider that provides an ideal product for your business at an affordable price point will pay dividends now and into the future.

How to avoid scams

Businesses should be wary of any data recovery provider that claims to be able to recover overwritten data or unsaved files. In the vast majority of cases, this sort of data recovery is simply not possible. Providers that make such claims are either not adequately informed about their area of expertise or are deliberately misrepresenting the capabilities of their software. 

More generally, businesses should only use data recovery software from reputable providers and should be extra cautious of free services. Granting a third party access to your most sensitive files and data is always a risk, and some free services have in the past, in what amounts to industrial sabotage, installed malware and viruses onto businesses’ computers that did them additional harm.

With so many affordable file recovery services available, we believe all businesses can find a premium and highly reliable provider that is perfect for them. 


A successful data recovery operation can be a lifesaver for businesses, and it pays to make sure you have software that’s up to the task. Don’t let data loss be the Achilles’ heel of your organization. The costs of not preparing for data loss are simply too high. 

The best data recovery services aren’t hard to find, and our guide to the best data recovery software is a great place to start. Our reviews of providers such as CrashPlan, Stellar Data Recovery, or EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro provide an in-depth look at each platform’s strengths and weaknesses. With these resources available, we’re confident all businesses can find the perfect data recovery solution for their needs.

Darcy French