We've finally got an official look at Microsoft 365 AI Copilot in Word on Windows 10 & 11

The new Microsoft 365 Copilot UI in Microsoft Word
(Image credit: Microsoft)

Microsoft’s efforts to help its customers work “smarter and faster” has been spotted in the wild as the company scales up the testing of its Copilot platform to select users.

Following heavy investment in OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT, and the subsequent rollout of Bing’s ChatGPT integration and more niche artificial intelligence tools to other services, Microsoft believes it is on the cusp of getting generative AI into the hands of millions more daily users as it looks to integrate it into its Microsoft 365 office software.

Some users in the Insiders beta channel have now gotten their hands on the early version of Copilot for Word in Windows 10 and Windows 11.

Copilot for Word

Microsoft hopes that with its GPT-4-based generative assistant, users will be able to produce and edit work more quickly with a tool capable of handling context like attachments.

At its basic level, Copilot can help handle things like formatting and rewriting text. While it’s also capable of generating new text, it’s at its most impressive when handling other documents, where it can do things like create summaries and action plans.

Key to its success will be Copilot’s ability to seamlessly work across the various Microsoft 365 apps on offer to crossreference data across workloads that would otherwise typically be tedious and time-consuming for workers.

Microsoft has kept the details about Copilot undercover, however it’s likely that testing will begin to roll out across other services and to more users soon with a full launch expected reasonably soon.

That’s to help the company stay ahead of the curve, which it has done in previous months, beating Google to the mark in terms of AI. In the meantime, reports that Google is testing generative AI across Docs and Gmail only add to the pressure to get it right, and get it done quickly.

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