Gigabyte throws hat in VR ring, hoping to juice up gaming laptops

Gigabyte laptop
There will certainly be no shortage of VR hardware next year

Is there any room left on the virtual reality bandwagon? Apparently so, because another hardware vendor has plans for a VR device, namely Gigabyte.

This news comes courtesy of DigiTimes, from the mouths of the usual rumour peddlers from the supply chain over in the Far East.

Apparently Gigabyte is working with VR tech firm 3Glasses to produce the hardware in question – as to what form it will take, that's unclear at the moment. The report notes that in the face of potentially weaker laptop sales next year, notebook makers are looking to VR to help differentiate and push their gaming portables.

Indeed, the sources who whispered in the ear of DigiTimes also claim that Asus will be launching a VR product to be used with its gaming notebooks – although this could possibly be the previously mentioned budget version of HoloLens (which might use the Windows Holographic operating system).

On the other hand, both of these could be completely separate products, and Asus could have two devices in the pipeline…

At any rate, we'll find out soon enough, as DigiTimes reckons that these devices from both Asus and Gigabyte will be out in the first half of next year. If that's the case, we should be hearing some pretty solid info about them soon.

Via: Hexus

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