Viewfinder release date revealed alongside puzzling new trailer

Viewfinder latest footage
(Image credit: Thunderful Publishing)

Upcoming puzzle title Viewfinder's latest deep dive trailer shows off more of the immersive photography-tinged worldbuilding and gorgeous environmental design. 

Similar to the likes of Portal and The Talos Principle, you'll be taking an unconventional approach to traditional puzzle solving where your camera lens is crucial in navigating around the game world. That's to say nothing of the likes of colored film, as well as black and white negatives, which add a further dimension to proceedings. 

Presumably, as Viewfinder goes on more photography gear will be needed to circumvent each challenge. There's a chance we'll see macro and micro lenses as well as different types of film, as well as shooting on digital and Polaroid alongside the otherworldly aspects. It's an excellent idea and one of the most unique titles we've seen for some time. Seeing that the game was originally announced only five months ago, some real progress has been made in that time. 

Destruction looks to be the name of the game as while you'll be building on the world around you, you'll also need to tear it down. Viewfinder looks like a truly tricky puzzler that'll test even the sharpest among us. The genre is having a bit of a streak recently as The Talos Principle 2 was recently announced, so there is really stiff competition in the first-person walking sim space. 

Viewfinder is expected to release on PS5 and PC on July 18, so you won't have to wait long to experience what could be the next big thing in the puzzle game genre. Thunderful Games is the studio behind such breakout hits as the Steamworld franchise, as well as Super Meat Boy Forever, and Lego Bricktales just to name a few. 

For more exciting upcoming games, check out the full E3 2023 schedule. While the event in question may not be going ahead, we're bringing you everything else you need to know. 

Aleksha McLoughlin

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