Trump wants Apple to work on 5G

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Donald Trump says he has asked Apple CEO Tim Cook for the company to get involved with the development of 5G network technology.

The two men have formed a constructive working relationship since Trump won the US Presidential Election in 2016 and have spoken on several occasions – most notably about tariffs on Chinese-manufactured goods which would affect several of Apple’s products.

This is despite the fact Cook was a supporter of Hilary Clinton’s campaign and that Trump had been critical of Apple for building its goods overseas and for refusing to unlock devices for law enforcement officials.

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Earlier this week, Trump visited Apple’s a new facility that will produce Mac computers in Austin, Texas, which is when the conversation supposedly took place.

“I asked Tim Cook to see if he could get Apple involved in building 5G in the U.S. They have it all - Money, Technology, Vision & Cook!l [sic],” Trump Tweeted.

Trump has repeatedly called for more 5G technology to be developed and made in the US, believing it to be of national importance. The President has also signed an order that effectively bans Chinese vendor Huawei from procuring goods from American companies.

However there is no major radio equipment manufacturer in the US, although Cisco, Qualcomm and others will play major roles in the 5G supply chain. It is unclear how Apple would contribute to such a specialised area of technology – even with its significant cash reserves and reputation for innovation.

Apple will of course produce 5G-enabled devices, with the first compatible iPhone expected later this year.

TechRadar Pro has contacted Apple for comment.

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