This new decentralized VPN allows users to mine bandwidth

Exidio VPN App
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Exidio has launched mobile apps for its decentralized VPN (dVPN) that not only encrypt data sent to and from iOS and Android smartphones but also allows users to earn passive income in the process.

Unlike with other VPN services, the company's users can offer node hosting and excess bandwidth to earn a bit of income by providing resources to others.

In an interview with Coinbase, Exidio CEO Dan Edlebeck provided further insight on how its decentralized VPN differs from existing centralized VPNs, saying:

“We’re bringing a lot of the same benefits of centralized VPN, but in an open-source, peer-to-peer network where people are offering bandwidth and earning income for offering that resource to the network. And anyone that’s connected to the VPN network is actually getting a provably encrypted connection because there’s no middleman.”

Sentinel network

Exidio's new mobile apps are built on the Sentinel network which is a peer-to-peer bandwidth marketplace on the Cosmos blockchain ecosystem that went live earlier this year. 

While developers can use the Sentinel network to build dVPN apps that that tap into the Sentinel marketplace, end users can make payments using the network's native cryptocurrency DVPN or with a debit or credit card.

Exidio offers pay-as-you-go pricing that ranges between $1.99 or $19.99 depending on a user's bandwidth needs.

Going forward, Exidio plans to launch desktop applications for its decentralized VPN as well as a supply side-focused app that will allow users to offer bandwidth and start earning income from the service. However, Edlebeck also says that the company wants to launch its own VPN router so that users can easily offer their excess bandwidth to others.

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