This is the most powerful crypto mining rig around today

Cryptocurrency mining has had a major power boost today with the launch of some super-powered new hardware from Watts Miners.

The US firm has revealed its latest mining rigs, which cost from $20,000 and comes with a two-year warranty, Watts Miners' new rigs are equipped to deal with many of the most popular cryptocurrencies around today, including the likes of Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum. 

Thanks to design upgrades, the devices are quieter and more efficient when in comes to power use, and due to a proprietary water cooling system, can operate at temperatures far below other rigs.

Power rigs

 Watts Miners says its hardware can offer a greater computing advantage than competitors thanks to what it says is an "unprecedented" hash rate power unmatched by any other rigs around today.

Hash rate power is essentially the measure of a miner's performance, with a higher rate meaning there is more processing power available to run and solve the different hashing algorithms associated with generating new cryptocurrency as a reward for enabling transactions to occur on the network.

"Our goal was not only to create the best miners that are easy to use, but also to assure our customers the best return rate of investment," said Watts Miners chief financial officer Nancy Lopez. 

"Today, we are proud to announce that our mining rigs are second to none in the industry when it comes to power, efficiency, and profitability."

Mike Moore
Deputy Editor, TechRadar Pro

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