These magical wireless earbuds scan your ears to deliver jaw-dropping sound that's custom-tuned just for you

From blocking out the deafening sounds on your daily commute to pumping motivational heavy metal in your ears while you're smashing out a leg-killing squat, there's no denying the impact that wireless earbuds have had on our lives. But they're all far from equal.

Take the new NURATRUE wireless earbuds from Nura. They're the world's first wireless earbuds to provide a custom-tuned experience that's designed to deliver music that sounds perfect to your ears, and yours alone.

Tailor-made tunes

A woman's face with the Nuratrue buds in her ears

(Image credit: Nura)

Our ears are just as unique as the rest of us. Some of us might miss out on lower frequencies like bass, while others might find mid or higher frequencies like vocals lacking. 

Regular headphones and earbuds provide the same identical listening experience to anyone that wears them. Because no one has perfect hearing, each one of us misses out on bits and pieces of our music, even the songs we've heard 1,000 times. Enter NURATRUE.

NURATRUE's killer feature is this: Through the Nura app, they run a quick hearing test then adjust the way that music is presented depending on who's wearing them, guaranteeing a perfect, immersive listening experience each and every time. 

Imagine a pair of glasses that perfectly adjust themselves depending on who's wearing them, and you're on the right track. The impact truly is night and day, and it's all made possible thanks to some very clever tech.

The Nuratrue buds in the ears of a model

(Image credit: Nura)

During setup, the buds beam a range of tones into your ear. Highly sensitive built-in microphones then measure something called the Otoacoustic Emission (the very faint sounds made by your ears in response to these tones). 

Once that's done, the Nura app automatically creates a hearing profile that's unique to you. If your ears are less suited to lower frequencies, for example, then the earbuds will be tuned to boost them. The end result? A pair of earbuds that deliver music that sounds fuller, deeper and more detailed. 

No pair of NURATRUE earbuds will ever sound the same, and none will sound as good as your very own pair. This level of personalisation can only be in Nura's family of products, and the new wireless earbud form factor makes NURATRUE an ideal choice for people who hate the bulk of over-ear headphones or need something smaller and lighter while they exercise.

Throw in an immersive bass setting which lets you adjust bass levels from calm and subtle to truly room-shaking, and you've got yourself a pair of earbuds that will make you feel like you're hearing your favourite songs for the very first time.

Block out distractions

The importance of carving out some time to recharge is more important than ever before. Whether you're focusing in a noisy coffee shop or trying to escape from the ungodly sound of a screeching train track, finding solace in a hectic world is no mean feat. 

Thankfully, NURATRUE have built-in microphones to detect and neutralise environmental noise. This active noise cancellation (ANC) helps block out the outside world, letting you lose yourself in your music without a second thought, helping you find a little peace no matter where you are. 

And if you do need to tune into your surroundings, that's a breeze too, thanks to a useful Social Mode which uses the built-in microphones to amplify your surroundings, letting you tune into important conversations and train announcements without having to remove anything from your ears.

Built to last

Hands holding the Nuratrue charging case

(Image credit: Nura)

NURATRUE offer up to six hours of playback on a single charge, which is boosted up to an impressive 24 hours with the handy fast-charging case. 

With a speedy charge time of just two hours, they'll easily have your back on even the longest journeys and workouts.

Speaking of which, an IPX4 rating means the earbuds themselves are sweat-resistant, letting you burn calories without worrying about the longevity of your buds. 

With four eartip options, two wing attachments and two foam tips to choose from, you can easily find the perfect fit for a secure, confident run.

Nailing the basics

It's all too easy getting lost in fancy tech, but it's important to get the foundations right. NURATRUE deliver here too, thanks to intuitive touch controls which can be used to skip tracks, control volume and more. 

They're customisable to boot, letting you set things up exactly as you'd like, while high-end microphones deliver your voice in crystal-clear quality during phone and video calls.

With Bluetooth 5.0, aptX and QuickSwitch functionality for multi-device support, NURATRUE are the only wireless buds you'll ever need, blending form and function into one perfect package.