Who owns the most domains on the web? It's not who you might think

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New findings have uncovered which corporate giants are receiving the most traffic online and which ones are purchasing the most domain names.

Research from WebsiteToolTester revealed that Google's parent company Alphabet receives the most traffic with almost 120bn visits per month. 

The company owns 422 domains with the largest being google.com which receives over 77bn visits per month and makes up more than half of Alphabet's monthly traffic. YouTube.com is Alphabet's second largest domain with 27.8bn monthly visitors.

In terms of total traffic, Microsoft is the second biggest company and its domains reached a total of 7.2bn monthly visits. The software giant owns 139 domains names including msn.com, bing.com and linkedin.com which the company purchased for over $26bn in 2016. However, the Microsoft site which generates the most traffic is live.com which receives over 2.2bn visits.

Amazon is the third largest company and it received over 6bn total visits across its 258 domain names. Its ecommerce site, amazon.com receives the most traffic of all of its domains with 2bn monthly visits.

Domain names

The company that owns the most domain names is Unilever NV which owns 1,181 domain names including those of Ben & Jerrys, Dove and Hellman's. The group's collection of domain names is more than eight times larger than Microsoft's and more than double those of Alphabet.

Despite the fact that Unilever NV owns the most domains, the group's two biggest sites are cleanipedia.com and dollarshaveclub.com which combined, see around 5m visits a month.

CEO of WebsiteToolTester, Robert Brandl provided further insight on the company's research, saying:

“It’s really interesting to gain insight into the different domain names that companies own, with some large corporations such as Walt Disney Co receiving over 782 million visits in website traffic, and giants such as Microsoft Corp reaping the traffic of its domains such as live.com and linkedin.com. Some of the monthly traffic across certain domains is surprising with the likes of Amazon.com alone receiving over 2 billion visits and google.com seeing a staggering 77 billion visits every month.”

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