These are the HTC phones getting a slice of Android 9 Pie

Now that Google has officially unveiled, pushed out, and named Android 9 Pie, the only remaining question is when your handset is going to get it – and for HTC owners, we now have a bit more clarity on which phones are in and which phones are out of the Pie party.

Via a tweet from the official HTC account, the company has confirmed that the HTC U12 Plus, the HTC U11 Plus, the HTC U11 and the HTC U11 Life are all in line for the software upgrade. That's basically all the top-end phones that HTC has released over the course of this year and last year.

What's less clear is when exactly the Pie upgrade will appear – HTC says timeframes are going to be announced "in due course", so you'll still have to hang tight for now. Let's hope HTC's engineers get the software ready sooner rather than later.

Pie in the sky

Of course it's a long-running headache for Google that new versions of Android take an age to make it to the majority of handsets. Android 9 Pie has been pushed out to Pixel phones and the Essential phone but everyone else is still waiting.

Samsung greeted the news of Pie's arrival by announcing that 12 of its devices are in line to get Android 8 Oreo – Pie's predecessor – sometime in the next six months or so. No rush, Samsung. It's no wonder that Google updates its mobile apps and some core features in Google Play Services independently of the major Android updates.

At least HTC phone owners now have some kind of confirmation about which handsets are due a Pie upgrade. In the meantime all eyes are on Google for the last big Android flagship launches of the year, expected around the start of October.

Via Android Police

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