The Witcher 4 will be the first game in a ‘second Witcher saga’

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CD Projekt Red plans to develop multiple new Witcher games beyond The Witcher 4, as it expands the series into a second saga.

Speaking about The Witcher 4 during CD Projekt’s latest earnings call, CEO Adam Kiciński laid out the studio's plans for the series. While the next Witcher title is still in very early development, the publisher is already thinking about the sequels in the pipeline.

“There will be a new saga,” said Kiciński. “Now, we are pre-producing the first game of this saga, but we have in mind more than one. The first saga was three games, so now we are thinking about more than one game."

The Second Coming

The Witcher 4

(Image credit: CD Projekt Red)

When announcing The Witcher 4, CD Projekt confirmed the game would kick off “a new saga in the franchise”. Kiciński’s comments here tally with that tease, but also give us a better idea of what that new saga will look like.

Rather that just a new game with multiple expansions, or a new mainline title with small spin-offs, the second saga will include several fully fledged games. With Kiciński drawing comparisons between this upcoming second Witcher saga and the first, a fresh trilogy might be on the cards. 

There are still plenty of directions that possible trilogy could go, but at least one key mystery has already been solved. The single teaser image that’s been released for The Witcher 4 shows a medallion buried in the snow. Not just any medallion, as it turns out, but a pendant in the shape of a Lynx, all but confirming the upcoming game will focus on a brand new Witcher school.

Elsewhere in the earnings call, it was reiterated that The Witcher 4 will be built using Unreal Engine 5 rather than CD Projekt’s in-house REDengine that powered Cyberpunk 2077. Game director Jason Slama has said the team decided to move over to Epic’s top-of-the-line system after seeing the impressive live demo.

While The Witcher 4 might be several years away, you don’t have to spend all of that time waiting to get your monster-hunting, European folklore fix. A brilliant Witcher card game released earlier this year, and The Witcher 3’s PS5 and Xbox Series X|S upgrade is expected to hit shelves by the end of 2022.

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