Tech giants form Modern Computing Alliance to do...something

Modern Computing Alliance
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The world's tech giants have banded together to form a new consortium aimed at addressing the biggest IT challenges facing companies today across the full technology stack from silicon to cloud.

In addition to Google, Dell and Intel, the founding members of the Modern Computing Alliance also include Box, Citrix, Imprivata, Okta, RingCentral, Slack, VMWare and Zoom.

The Modern Computing Alliance plans to initially focus on performance, security and identity, remote work, productivity and collaboration and health care. Together the alliance's members will pool their knowledge and resources to work towards solving shared problems regarding how companies work in the cloud and the tools they use to do so.

According to the Modern Computing Alliance's new website, its common mission is to drive “silicon-to-cloud” innovation. As part of this mission, its members will develop new standards and interoperable technologies that can be used by any organization that uses one of its partners' platforms or products.

Modern Computing Alliance

In a new blog post introducing the Modern Computing Alliance, VP of Chrome OS at Google John Solomon explained how he defines modern computing, saying:

“'Modern computing' can mean many different things to different people. For me, it’s creating an integrated, secure experience on any device, from anywhere. A means of achieving this cross-device app experience is by employing enterprise progressive web applications (PWAs) that are faster and more responsive than native legacy solutions. In addition, developers only have to build once and can distribute without a gateway, so they can get their products to market sooner and more efficiently.”

According to The Verge, Solomon explained to the news outlet that discussions about creating the alliance first began at CES last year in Las Vegas. However, the group decided during the early stages of the pandemic that it needed to expand its scope and bring on even more partners such as Slack and Zoom who had witnessed first hand how the nature of corporate work is being transformed.

The Modern Computing Alliance is made up of some of today's largest tech giants but the group is also calling on IT professionals to join the Modern Computing IT Council so that their voices can be heard. Interested IT professionals can sign up here to join the council and we'll likely hear more about the new alliance once its future roadmap is fully developed.

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