Tech giants come together to form Open Web Docs initiative

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A coalition of leading tech companies has announced a new initiative to continue documenting key web technologies.

The Open Web Docs (OWD) project aims to fund and contribute to the existing MDN Web Docs initiative, which is a documentation repository for web developers that’s used by Mozilla, Microsoft, Google, and Samsung among other.

“Open Web Docs was created to ensure the long-term health of web platform documentation on de facto standard resources like MDN Web Docs, independently of any single vendor or organization,” wrote Robert Nyman, one of the co-founders of the initiative.

Open and inclusive documentation

The need for OWD arose after Mozilla announced major job cuts last year which saw many of its MDN Web Docs staff being made redundant. 

Nyman asserted that OWD is not a replacement for MDN Web Docs and goes on to explain that the initiative will instead ensure there’s a steady stream of funds to finance the writing staff. 

The major founding sponsors of OWD are Google, Microsoft, and Coil, the developers of a new open web monetization platform. Mozilla will serve as a member of the Open Web Docs steering committee.

OWD was established sometime last year, and Nyman adds that their priority in 2021 “include working with Mozilla’s MDN writers and engineers to support the recent infrastructure transition and to prioritize and move forward with key documentation work, developing a community of contributors around core web technology documentation, browser compatibility data, and improving JavaScript documentation.”

He added that the participating organizations will hold weekly editorial and OWD steering committee meetings.

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