Straight North SEO services

Straight North SEO services
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Straight North has been working in the search engine optimization (SEO) industry since 1997, delivering top-quality service to thousands of clients over the years. The USA-based company works with both B2B and B2C businesses, offering some of the best SEO services we’ve seen. 

But, just because a company has been working in an industry for over two decades doesn’t mean that it’s a good option. In our Straight North evaluation, we’ve analyzed every aspect of this SEO service provider’s pricing, main features, customer service, and more to help you decide whether it’s the right choice for your business.

Straight North is a tried and tested digital agency offering a range of SEO services (Image credit: StraightNorth)

Straight North: Plans and pricing

Like most SEO agencies, Straight North doesn’t offer defined SEO packages with a set cost. Every business has different needs, and these are tailored to through the development of custom plans designed with your long-term goals and budget in mind. 

Now, Straight North does list a range of things that will affect how much your SEO will cost. For one, those in more competitive industries targeting keywords that are harder to rank for should expect to pay significantly more. On top of this, the amount of work required to optimize your website, add relevant content, and build a strong backlink profile will also play a large role in determining cost. 

As a rough starting point, Straight North estimates that most local SEO packages will cost somewhere around $1000 to $2000 per month. Expect to pay upwards of $3000 for larger national or international campaigns, and if you run a larger eCommerce store or have a website with a lot of content to be optimized, you will pay even more. 

Straight North SEO services

Straight North doesn’t offer pre-defined SEO packages (Image credit: StraightNorth)

Straight North: How it works

Straight North advertises a very clear process based on six clear (and sometimes overlapping) steps: Research, strategy development, production, tracking, reporting, and consulting. 

When you commit to working with Straight North, the team will collaborate with you to complete in-depth keyword research. The most appropriate keywords to target will be listed, and a strategy will be developed based on this. Then, the strategy will be implemented according to your long-term goals. 

Then, the results of this implementation will be tracked, before being collated into detailed monthly reports summarizing the ongoing progress of your campaign. The first five steps of the process will be revisited and repeated as often as required. 

The final step, consulting, is designed for businesses with enough internal resources to implement their own strategy. In short, the Straight North team will work alongside you to help you implement the developed SEO plan on your own.

Straight North SEO services

The Straight North SEO process starts with in-depth research (Image credit: Straight North)

Straight North: Features & Services

Like most SEO companies, Straight North offers a great selection of SEO services targeted at a range of different users. Along with the standard local, national, eCommerce, and enterprise SEO services, it also comes with the following notable features.

One of Straight North’s most notable features is its free instant SEO audit tool. To take advantage of this, simply fill out the online form and hit the scan now button. It’s not the most powerful tool out there, but freebies are always nice. 

If you’ve had issues being black-listed or penalized by Google or other search engines in the past, your search engine ranking will likely be suffering. Straight North offers full penalty removal services designed to help you boost your traffic and improve your site’s overall performance. 

Companies with their own in-house SEO team may benefit from Straight North’s SEO consulting services. Basically, this involves the team advising your business on the best and most effective processes to improve your SEO, without actually doing it themselves.

Straight North SEO services

Straight North’s free SEO audit is a useful tool (Image credit: Straight North)

Straight North: Support and customer care

Straight North provides very little information about the type of customer care it provides once you’ve signed up, but by all reports, they treat every client very well. The vast majority of reviews on sites like Clutch and Yelp give the company five out of five stars, and the excellent customer service people have experienced is a common theme.

Straight North SEO services

Online reviews suggest that the Straight North team is friendly and accessible (Image credit: Straight North)

The competition

Just because Straight North is one of the oldest SEO companies in the business doesn’t mean that it should be the only option you consider. There are plenty of alternatives out there that do just as good of a job, if not better. 

For example, SocialSEO is a high-end company focusing on delivering premium SEO services to everyone from small brick and mortar businesses to enterprise-level eCommerce stores. Reports suggest that it is a little on the expensive side, but it’s certainly an option worth considering if your budget allows it. 

Alternatively, you could consider going for an up-and-coming provider such as Boom Online Marketing. Companies such as this are generally slightly cheaper, and you may benefit from the excellent customer service it provides.

Final verdict

Straight North has been working in the SEO industry for over two decades, and by all reports, it offers an excellent level of service across the board. The company’s prices are reported to be very competitive, it offers an impressive range of features—including an instant free SEO audit tool—and its overall process appears to be solid. 

Overall, we’d recommend getting in contact with Straight North if you’re looking for a reliable, no-frills SEO service provider who you can rely on. It may not be the cheapest or fanciest option on the market, but it just might be the right choice for you.

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