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Stackpath rebrands to help push integration further

As alluded in a recent interview by its CEO, StackPath has unveiled its next iteration of its platform and services which brings together the multitude of brands that it has acquired over the past two years under one label.

The company, which merged with Server Density only a few months ago, has fingers in many pies (including virtual private networks) but the focus of its B2B business is primarily on secure data delivery.

The four components of which include a content delivery network (CDN), a Web Application Firewall (WAF), Managed DNS and a monitoring service (provided by Server Density).

Aggressive expansion

The company has also aggressively expanded its network to include more tier-1 network carries, premium peering points, DDoS mitigation and full infrastructure deployment.

It can currently provide 40Tbps of global bandwidth via 45 advanced secure edged PoPs (points of presence) globally with more coming up later this year.

In comparison, the biggest CDN provider on the market, Akamai, operates nearly 60 PoPs across the world with more than 240,000 servers and can handle in excess of 60Tbps.