You should check Windows 10's worrysome parental settings

Windows 10 boot screen

Microsoft is once again the subject of privacy concerns as users have recently discovered Windows 10 will automatically send parents a detailed history of their children's internet and computer usage

The feature, which allows parents to receive a dossier on their child's activity through a weekly email, has attracted criticism due to being switched on by default, according to Business Insider.

Weekly emails sent to the inbox of parents show a "Weekly activity report for [child's name]" and it shows the sites visited, apps used and amount of time spent on the PC on a per-day basis.

It should be said that the option to monitor your child's device use with activity reports has been available as a Windows feature for some time, however, this is the first time it has been switched by default.

There are a plethora of reasons why this has been criticised ranging from the fact that it may stunt the ability for children to use the internet as a means to research sensitive subjects to being flat out "creepy". Some might even say that it invokes memories of George Orwell's vision of the future in 1984.

Torrents shun Windows 10

This latest wave of criticism against Windows 10 comes in the same week that it was dropped by a range of different torrent sites due to privacy concerns related to the controversial Microsoft Services Agreement.

Despite all the bad air surrounding it, Windows 10 has managed reach a huge 75 million total installs in just a month. and the number will only increase as more Windows 7 and 8.1 users realise that time is running out to get their free Windows 10 fix.