Redmond rolls out fresh Surface Book fix for Windows 10 preview

Surface Book

If you're an Insider testing out a Redstone preview build of Windows 10 on your Surface Book or Surface Pro 4, you might have hit some glitches with your device – but there may be a cure to hand as Redmond has just rolled out a fresh driver update.

According to a source who contacted Windows Central, the update – which is a driver update for the Intel CSI2 Host Controller – helps to fix problems occurring to Surface devices having trouble firing back up from sleep mode.

The site further notes that having applied the fix, Windows Hello issues have also been smoothed over, and it's much more reliable than before. That makes sense as the Intel driver in question pertains to the webcam on the Surface Book and Pro 4.

So if you're having any sort of issues with the Windows 10 preview and your device resuming from sleep or suffering at the hands of Windows Hello, you should find the new improved driver under Windows Update now.

Check for that update

To check, go to Settings (in the Start menu), then click Update & Security, Windows Update – and then select Check for Updates.

Microsoft's newest Surface devices have certainly had their fair share of bugs, and were veritably plagued with problems when they first emerged, with a number of issues still ongoing.

Indeed, some folks online have suggested that this issue, or similar ones, still affect some users of the release version of Windows 10, too – although Microsoft has already released several patches in April and May to address these problems. It may be the case that there are still a couple of gremlins running around deep inside somewhere.

Of course, if you're running preview builds of Windows, you can expect to encounter oddities and problems as par for the course.

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