Microsoft has Windows 9, Office 2015 and cloud-based OS in the works

Windows 9
Will Windows 9 see wider adoption than Windows 8?

Update: Windows 9 is now known as Windows 10. Want to know more about when you can get your hands on it? Check out our in-depth Windows 10 release date page

An image shared by an infamous Chinese Windows leaker has revealed what Microsoft has on its Satya Nadalla-influenced roadmap in 2014.

Posting on the Neowin forum, FaiKee has shown that Microsoft is working on Windows 9, Windows 365, Windows 8.1 Update 2, Office 2015 and more.

The image also provides a list of products Microsoft plans to update, including existing ones like Windows 8.1, Windows Phone 8.1, and Office 2013.

It also lists Windows 9, "& Server & mobile edition," all but confirming that there will be a separate Windows Phone 9 release.

Windows 365 is given a mention, and its status is listed as "Alpha based on Windows Core." This is expected to be a cloud-based platform that ties in with Office 365.

The road ahead

The listing of Office 2015, which is currently being built, suggests a possible release date of 2015 for all of these products, Windows 9 included.

Before we get the next Windows, however, there is Windows 8.1 Update 2 on the horizon, which is widely expected to include the restoration of the much-missed Start Menu, albeit with the twist of tacking on some Modern tiles as well.

Another interesting rumour is that Windows 9 will be given free to all Windows 8.1 users, which should greatly increase adoption of the newer platform.