Microsoft makes it clear exactly how Windows 10 is super-secure

Windows 10

Microsoft has launched a new website which shows off how secure its latest operating system is when it comes to businesses.

Of course, this is hardly a surprising development as Microsoft is busy trying to push Windows 10 in any way it can, to consumers and businesses – although the latter are slower to adopt a new OS by their very nature.

At any rate, Microsoft wants to convince business users that Windows 10 is the company's most secure operating system ever, from its core design and architecture to the various features Redmond has introduced to the OS. And it's the latter which the new site is mostly highlighting.

That includes the obvious stuff such that you've almost certainly already seen such as Windows Hello which offers a range of biometric logins, along with elements like UEFI Secure Boot, TPM, and virtualisation.

Threat resistance

On the threat resistance front, Microsoft underlines the strength of its SmartScreen web filter for safe browsing, which uses the same cloud-based intelligence as Office 365's Advanced Threat Protection that helps to keep inboxes free from malware, phishing and other nastiness.

The company also notes that Device Guard provides "the most advanced zero-day and app control capabilities that Windows has ever offered", working alongside traditional anti-malware software.

Microsoft Passport is also discussed when it comes to multi-factor authentication, which Redmond boasts is a far more streamlined solution than a smartcard.

Under the heading of information protection, Microsoft mentions BitLocker of course, along with Enterprise Data Protection and Rights Management Services. For the full lowdown on all these, check out the website here.

Via: WinBeta

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