Dell and Microsoft sign OEM deal

Dell OEM Solutions has struck a deal with Microsoft for the licensing of specialised Windows Embedded products.

It effectively gives Dell a fast track on developing systems that, while using Microsoft software, are running in closed environments rather than connecting to the internet.

Dermot O'Connell, Executive Director for OEM Solutions EMEA at Dell, told TRPro that it would enable the company to develop products without having to arrange individual licensing deals of operating systems each time. It could be used for the likes of search appliances, digital signage and high end industrial equipment, but also for some more common products such as network attached storage boxes.

"They're all the systems that deploy information, are run by embedded systems and are often sold as a solution," he said. "Microsoft software is very common in these solutions."

O'Connell said that Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Server and Microsoft Lync are widely used in the solutions, and that there is interest in some quarters in Windows 8.

John Doyle, Director of Product Manager for Windows Embedded at Microsoft, said the agreement would help to streamline the supply chain in taking OEM products to the market.