Chrome OS updated with multi sign-in support, new settings panel

Chrome OS
Chrome OS: now with added shine

Google has begun to roll out version 37 of Chrome OS, which introduces a handful of time-saving features.

Highlighted in a company blog post, the most notable is the addition of multi sign-in support. Chrome previously required you to log out of one user account before logging into another, but you can now stay logged into several simultaneously allowing for faster switching.

The feature has existed on Windows and OS X for some time and will prove especially useful if you share a Chrome OS device with family members or friends (or colleagues if in the workplace).

Additionally, v.37.0.2062.119 (to give it its full title) now opens the Chrome OS Settings panel in a new Window, rather than a new browser tab, allowing you to move it around and make changes without losing view of a browser window's contents.

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Also introduced is a new App Info view in the Chrome launcher, and it's now possible to upload to Google Drive while using Chrome browser's Incognito mode.

Finally, the update packs the usual bug fixes and security updates. Google pledged to roll out the updates over the next few days, so you should receive notification of an update in the status area when it's available for download.

Interestingly, the update is being immediately rolled out to all Chrome OS devices barring the Acer C7 Chromebook, Samsung Chromebook Series 5 and HP Pavillion Chromebook. Google told us that while the update will be rolled out "eventually" to these devices, it couldn't put its finger on a date.

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