United Planet unveils new Intrexx 6 module

Intrexx 6 screenshot
The new module can link data fields from different software

United Planet has added a new graphic module to its Intrexx 6 intranet and portal software to link data from all systems operating within an organisation.

The Relationship Designer module retrieves data from key business systems, irrespective of their manufacturer, to provide employees with centralised access to mission critical information via the company intranet.

The company said that when a specific piece of information is requested, the module automatically searches the linked systems for thematically connected information and displays it on the intranet in a clearly structured manner.

For example, it can link data fields from Microsoft Dynamics CRM with those in an SAP ERP system, enabling staff members to see which sales employees are responsible for a specific customer and what the customer ordered most recently.

eMail systems can also be linked to provide access to correspondence.

Information shortfall

Axel Wessendorf, chief executive officer of United Planet, said: "The problems associated with keeping important information on disparate software systems are familiar to many companies. Information is often only available in small excerpts, and rarely in its entirety which means that employees are provided with an incomplete picture at best.

"Using Relationship Designer, connections that tended to be overlooked in the past are now immediately detectable which is likely to present companies with a variety of new business opportunities, especially in the area of customer relationship management."

United Planet, a developer of enterprise portal software, is also planning to release a social business platform named Intrexx Share soon. It will combine status updates and news from colleagues with the latest alerts from different software packages used by a company.