Tableau and Splunk team up in the cloud

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Software companies team up in the cloud

The cloud boom is bringing tech companies together to make sure that organisations can get the most out of the new technology.

Splunk, which writes software real-time operational intelligence, and Tableau Software which writes code for business analytics, announced that they are teaming up to develop advanced visual analytics and real-time machine data.

The latest version of Tableau software includes Splunk Enterprise as a native data source using Splunk's recently launched ODBC driver.

Splunk can see new data

Guido Schroeder, senior vice president of products, Splunk said that Tableau software helps the Splunk software use the material which it unlocks in machine data.

"Using Tableau to visualize structured data with machine data in Splunk will enable people to gain new business insights," he said.

Chris Stolte, chief development officer and co-founder, Tableau Software said that the integration lets organisations use its visual analytics software on their machine data in Splunk software. Companies can find quick insights or explore machine data.

The integration provides direct access to saved searches within Splunk Enterprise 6 from Tableau Desktop and Tableau Server, using Splunk's new ODBC driver.

However this is the sort of alliance which was predicted would happen as the cloud boom took place, with specialist companies either being bought out by the likes of Oracle and IBM or partnering to provide services of their own.