Office for Mac is getting a major boost from add-ins

Office for Mac

Microsoft is clearly being more careful not to leave Mac users out in the cold since it brought Office 2016 to Apple's computers, and the company has now announced it intends to bring add-ins to Office for Mac.

Add-ins are third-party extras (or extensions, if you will) which have been fully vetted by Microsoft that users can run inside the Office suite, and they're currently available across every platform save for Android and OS X.

But the latter operating system will soon be enjoying them, as Microsoft announced that: "The Office add-ins that you know and love now work in the Mac Office client applications, like they do on the Windows desktop apps, iPad apps, and online. This enables developers to reach their user base on whatever device they prefer and make the same great experiences available everywhere seamlessly."

Many extras make light work

Existing Office add-ins include PayPal, which integrates with Outlook so users can send funds via email, DocuSign to allow official signatures to be added within Word documents themselves, and IFTTT with its many 'recipes'.

(You can check out our favourite add-ins in this feature).

A new Starbucks add-in has also been concocted which lets you, for example, find one of the chain's many coffee houses which you'd like to use for a meeting and mark it as a location in your calendar.

All these extras will be coming to Mac users shortly.

Microsoft has also brought in a system so admins can manage the deployment of Office add-ins across their user base.

Via: Macworld

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