Apple and IBM to offer enterprise support for business tools

Tim Cook and Virginia Rometty
Tim Cook and Virginia Rometty

Apple and IBM will begin offering a new support service as part of the enterprise app development partnership the companies announced earlier in the year. The service, AppleCare for Enterprise, offers 24/7 IT support for all Apple hardware and operating systems.

As part of the package, participating enterprises will be able to replace up to 10% of their fleet’s iPad and iPhone devices at no additional cost if the hardware is lost or damaged. Apple says it can exchange devices within one business day.

Participating businesses will be supplied with an account manager who will provide ongoing support for the organization’s IT infrastructure and device deployments. Support will be provided via phone or email, and Apple claims support will be provided within one hour for top-priority issues (I assume this includes Chinese malware destroying all of your Apple devices).

There is no immediate information on the plan’s cost.

Onsite coverage and troubleshooting

Users can also pay an additional fee to receive onsite service coverage for two or three years from the date of hardware purchases. An IBM technician will arrive within one business day of a requested service call, according to the AppleCare for Enterprises website.

Support will be available at no extra charge for up to six in-house technical contacts. You can add more contacts for an additional fee.

In addition to hardware and operating systems, businesses can use the service to troubleshoot Apple apps and personal accounts.