Google partners with Facebook to sell more ads

Google ad power coming to a Facebook stream near you.

Google will be partnering Facebook to sell ads on the social network which may mean that you start seeing more varied marketing messages in your news feed.

But you won't be seeing ads for Google itself on the social network, as Google will be selling space on Facebook to its existing advertisers who already buy space on Google's sites.

They'll be using bespoke bidding software - Google's DoubleClick Bid Manager for Facebook's Ad Exchange (FBX) - to buy premium spots in an auction style.

Given that Facebook is a key competitor to Google's own social networking efforts - the oft-abused Google+ - it's interesting to see the two companies working together.

Google's senior product manager for Doubleclick, Payam Shodjai, explained that Google is keen to partner with more companies because "a rising tide lifts all boats" - so when one of them makes money, they all make money.

Adding ads everywhere

This partnership could also mean that ads purchased through DoubleClick will land on Facebook Home, that is if the OS-like overlay survives.

And with Facebook purchasing Instagram, we could see the fruits of this partnership landing in your filtered-photos stream in the near future with Instagram ads on their way.

Via Cnet