Google to enter digital newspaper business with Google Play News?

Google to enter digital newspaper business with Google Play News

Google looks like its planning to launch a digital newspaper store for Android devices through the Google Play Store.

A Google Play News service has been discovered within the JavaScript of the web-based iteration of the shop.

The find by the Android Police site suggests that users will soon be able to access digital newspapers through "Issues" and "Subscriptions" bought through the Play Store.

It's likely that upon launch, the News section will sit alongside Apps, Games, Books, Magazines, Music and Movies as content categories within Android app store.

Google Reader replacement?

Some of the wording unearthed within the JavaScript hints at Google Play News being a replacement, of sorts, for the Google Reeder RSS service, which was controversially axed during the week.

However, it's probably more likely to take a similar form of Apple's Newsstand app, which sells and delivers digital newspaper issues and subscriptions to users. The language gleaned from the complex code includes:

  • To read Google Play News, you must have a supported Android phone or tablet.
  • Please sign in to get this News edition.
  • Please sign in to purchase this News Issue.
  • Please sign in to purchase this News Edition Subscription.
  • Subscribing you to this news edition...
  • You have subscribed to this news edition. It is now available on your device.

Perhaps we'll see this rolled new feature out at Google I/O on May 15?

Via Android Police