Bowl game replays to appear in ESPN tweets

Replays will be preceded by five second Ford Fusion ads

The New York Times and Adweek reported on Friday that Twitter and ESPN will be bringing live college bowl game replays to tweets this holiday season.

A partnership between Twitter, ESPN, and Ford will allow the sports broadcasting company to air replays right in tweets (like YouTube links now).

Each replay and top play pick will air on all Twitter platforms and will be preceded by a five-to-eight second Ford Fusion commercial.

The replays will be available to any Twitter users who follow ESPN and its associated accounts, and will show up as promoted tweets for regular sports tweeters.

Second of action

Glenn Brown, the director of promoted content and partnerships at Twitter, remarked that the replay tweets play to Twitter's strengths and college football fan needs.

"The instant replay applies classic Twitter strengths, mainly mobile and real time, to video," said Brown. "You get an alert on your phone, you can run into a bar and catch the rest of the game."

The feature that allows for this embedded video content, called Twitter Cards, sees this bump in pro sports support just as Instagram backs away from Twitter integration.

ESPN replay video integration, however, started as of Saturday, and will run through the end of college bowl season, or January 15.