Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Poké Ball case might be rarer than a shiny Pokémon

Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 in a protective Poké Ball charging case
(Image credit: Samsung)

Samsung has created a Pokémon themed case for the Galaxy Buds 2 wireless earbuds. The case takes on the appearance of a small Poké Ball that acts as a shell wrapped around the regular Galaxy Buds 2 charging case.

A special bundle is available on the South Korean tech giant's online store (thanks, Gizmodo) that includes a Poké Ball charging case, a pair of Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 wireless earbuds, and a selection of Pokémon stickers featuring a whole bunch of Gen 1 Pokémon like Pikachu, Lapras, Gengar and more.

Naturally, this adds a fair bit of bulk to the charging case itself, and the rounded shape of the Poké Ball will likely create a very noticeable bump when placed in your pocket. But if you're a Pokémon fan who's frequently out and about playing Pokémon Go, we can't think of a better accessory. Especially if you're never without your music while outside.

A most elusive accessory

Good luck getting your hands on this nifty Poké Ball accessory, though. Currently, it's only available on Samsung's South Korean store for 134,000 won (around $109 / £89 / AU$149). As mentioned, the bundle includes the case, the buds, and a selection of stickers. 

Unfortunately, the case can't be bought separately at a cheaper price, which is a shame, considering that the case is also compatible with the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live and Galaxy Buds Pro. As a result, first time Galaxy Buds buyers (or buyers looking for a replacement pair) are getting the most bang for their buck from this Poké Ball case bundle.

At the time of writing, however, the bundle looks to be already out of stock. No doubt the Poké Ball case was in high demand among South Korean Pokémon fans. At this point, we can only hope the bundle finds its way to the west so Pokémon lovers worldwide have a chance to purchase this admittedly cool accessory set.

We'd love that, especially as Pokémon as a franchise is firing on all cylinders this year. Not only does Pokémon Go prove to be immensely popular, but Pokémon Legends Arceus, released on Nintendo Switch in January, provided the franchise with a much-needed breath of fresh air with a semi-open-world, exploration-based format.

Additionally, the next entries in the mainline series, Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, are currently slated for release sometime in late 2022. These will bring a Spanish-inspired setting and the ninth generation of Pokémon to the franchise, and we're certainly looking forward to playing them for ourselves.

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