Qualcomm and Capgemini offer 'off-the-shelf' private 5G

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Qualcomm and Capgemini will offer businesses an “off-the-shelf” Private 5G network to aid their digital transformation efforts.

A private cellular network is one that provides dedicated access to a specific customer, using either licensed, unlicensed or shared spectrum, with no resources shared by any third party.

Private 5G can be built with or without the assistance of an operator and by pursuing this route, customers can define the scale, pace of rollout, and technology used, while guaranteeing a certain level of performance for their applications.

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What Qualcomm and Capgemini are offering is a fully-tested and validated Private Network that will be easier and quicker to deploy for customers. Capgemini will assume the role of systems integrator, while Qualcomm’s technology will provide carrier-grade interoperability to support all manner of connected devices and equipment.

Although many businesses have deployed private 4G networks, the ultrafast speeds, greater capacity, and ultra-low latency of 5G means mission-critical business applications can be powered by a mobile network for the first time.

“The industry is fully embracing the 5G private network proposition and our collaboration with Capgemini can help them to deliver private networks … to many more customers globally across a broad range of industries and sectors,” declared Enrico Salvatori, senior vice president and president, Qualcomm Europe/MEA.

“We believe there are powerful benefits and some really exciting use cases already available in private networks today, especially when you integrate 5G functionality, enhanced privacy and all the other features which arrive with 5G standalone.”

“This collaboration with Qualcomm Technologies aims to help us provide a simplified yet powerful end-to-end private network solution for clients in all industries,” added said Fotis Karonis, group leader of 5G and edge computing, Capgemini. “We expect clients to leverage this to implement solutions across a large variety of potential sites and use cases.”

IDC predicts Demand for private cellular networking equipment to support mission critical applications will see the market reach $5.7 billion by 2024.

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