Pokemon Go finally gets trading – but not for everyone


Pokemon Go is finally allowing a section of players to trade their captured Pokemon with each other, after an online update to Niantic’s free-to-play AR game.

As of June 22nd, a variety of new, social features are available. The game now supports gifting and trading, meaning that players can send items or Pokemon across their respective versions of the mobile app. 

If another trainer accepts your ‘friend request’, you’ll be able to link your Pokemon Go accounts and makes use of these new in-game perks.

The new features are currently only available to trainers over level 30, but the official Pokemon Go Twitter account clarified they would be rolled out to lower-level trainers in due course.

Get ready for a whole lot more trading

What’s exciting about this development is not just the improved capability to Pokemon Go on mobile. It’s also paving the way for a larger trading network with the upcoming Pokemon Let’s Go! games on Nintendo Switch.

The new Pokemon games for Switch will integrate a number of features from the mobile game, including its motion-based capture mechanic, and replacing random encounters with visibly roaming Pokemon.

Nintendo has confirmed that gamers will be able to port Pokemon caught in Pokemon Go onto the Switch entries, though sadly not the other way around.