WIN! Put life in focus with a Lytro Field Camera and accessories worth over £500

Lytro Field Camera
Point, shoot and zoom

We've teamed up with Lytro to give you the chance to get your hands on a snapper that truly stands out from the crowd: the Lytro Field Camera. Lytro is giving away a 16GB version with a sleeve and tripod adapter, taking the total value to over £500.

It's the only camera to offer an '11-Megaray sensor', which lets you adjust a photograph's focus so that the blurry bits become sharp, and visa versa. This means that you're effectively taking a bunch of photos in one go, allowing you to choose the one that looks best afterwards. Handy.

Luckily, you won't have to be an expert photographer to use it. Featuring 'Everyday' and 'Creative' modes, the Lytro Field Camera will either take photographs automatically, requiring minimum effort, or you can take the wheel and pull off more complex shots with custom focal points.

Lytro Red Hot

A 16GB Lytro Field Camera is up for grabs

Seeing the Lytro

In our official TechRadar Hands On review, we praised the Lytro Field Camera's fun design, ease of use and ability to upload your photos on social media channels including Twitter, Facebook and Google+ - if you want to.

We would compare the Lytro to similar competing models, but the fact is that there aren't any. Sporting a cuboid, kaleidoscope-like bod, its capacious 16GB onboard storage gives you plenty of room for storing photos and you're unlikely to find a more portable camera capable out there.

There's also 8x manual zoom operated using simple touchscreen commands, and built-in Wi-Fi means you won't be scrabbling around for USB cables or messing around with SD cards.

This competition is now closed. The winner is Michael Mitchell, Shrewsbury.

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