Something 'pretty amazing' is going to happen with Windows Phone

Something 'pretty amazing' is going to happen with Windows Phone

Windows Phone fans brace yourselves, there's something big brewing over in Redmond as a senior software engineer drops a hint about something "pretty amazing."

Jerry Berg, Senior Software Development Engineer in Test at Microsoft, appeared on LockerGnome's podcast to deliver the teaser.

"Just wait for it, I can't give a timetable, I can't even tell you what is it, but something's going to happen in the Windows Phone space that's going to upset the entire world across everything."

Berg concluded: "wait for it, it's going to be pretty amazing."

Touch-less touchscreen?

Microsoft has already shown off touch-less 3D display technology running on a smartphone prototype, and this could well be the technology Berg is referencing in the video.

Of course, he could be referring to something completely different - hopefully this isn't a nod towards reports that Microsoft will finally provide a folders function in Windows Phone in a future update of Windows Phone 8.1. While that would be a useful addition, it's hardly worth a teaser.

With no timeline provided we're going to have to sit tight and keep an eye out for any other clues in the coming days/weeks/months.

Via WMPowerUser