Sky has no plans to compete with Virgin Media Business

Sky already has a flourishing B2B division.
Sky already has a flourishing B2B division.

Sky has confirmed to TechRadar Pro that the company has no plans to offer telecommunications products for businesses for a foreseeable future unlike archrivals BT and Virgin Media.

This comes after the surprise announcement this morning by the popular paid-for television service provider that it was going to team up with O2 (which is being actively courted by Three) to launch a new mobile service by 2016.

It is likely that it will become the fourth (and possibly last) quad-play company when it launches should BT acquire EE in 2015. Talktalk and Virgin Media already have quad-play offerings in the offing.

All three vendors have business offerings (broadband, landline and mobile) which makes Sky's comment slightly perplexing but understandable.

Sky already has a Sky for Business B2B division and an established network of customers which would have made it a potential rapidly growing revenue earner.

That said, the brand is solidly anchored in the B2C market and is more associated with the pint-down-the-pub mindset than big data. But if Virgin Media can do it, surely it would make sense for them to do B2B as well.

Desire Athow
Managing Editor, TechRadar Pro

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