Pre-orders for Verizon's Samsung Galaxy Note open now

Galaxy Note 2
Marked by its owner

Verizon joined its carrier cohorts Wednesday by giving official word it will carry Samsung's Galaxy Note 2.

Big Red has opened pre-orders for the signature Samsung phablet and will sell the device on a new two-year contract for $299.99, according to its site.

The carrier can now count itself among the five companies that South Korea has teamed up with stateside to bring its 5.9-inch handset to the masses.

T-Mobile was first to place the quasi-tablet on its shelves, news it shared earlier Wednesday. Sprint and U.S. Wireless also plan to stock the device in the coming days.

Gotta be different

Verizon threw its own flare onto the Note 2, sticking its logo on the device's home button.

No other carrier has such branding. Sprint stands apart in that its logo is missing from the back of its version, whereas all other devices include the rear markings.

Verizon also hasn't released official word on when the Note 2 will arrive in stores or when pre-orders will be filled, though a quick check on the site has a pre-ordered phone shipping by Nov. 27.

Takin' it to the streets

Now that Verizon has jumped into the Note 2 fray, the device has a home at a handful of U.S. carriers.

Though pre-orders are open for all carriers, don't expect to get one from AT&T until Nov. 9.

T-Mobile is selling the device for the princely sum of $369.99 with a new, two-year service agreement, making it the highest charger for the eagerly awaited phablet.

While TechRadar gave high marks to the Note 2, Samsung's U.S. release of the device has been less than forthcoming. Here's hoping that all the dust soon settles and customers can start playing with those S-Pens.

Via Verizon, Gotta Be Mobile

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