OHA rewards best Android devs with cash galore

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Android developers need to drive the OHA plans forward

We have at least two imminent app stores for Android phones (regardless of what they want us to call them) and a promise to actually deliver some handsets soon, so what's next?

How about some tasty-looking applications from the developer community that are so good the Open Handset Alliance has handed them well over three million dollars in prize money?

Future pointers

The lucky programmers are the winners of the first Android Developer Challenge (ADC), with ten teams receiving $275,000 (£150,000) and ten more getting $100,000 (£55,000).

As it's obvious the OHA team is intent on funding applications that will help make Android the must-have platform over the next couple of years, the nature of the winners bears closer inspection.

Almost half of the main prize-winners focus on providing location-based services to Android phones.

When do we get them?

These include gems such as Locale, which automatically changes the settings on a phone according to where it is and Piggyback – an application that finds drivers in the immediate area willing to carpool.

If the early promise shown by the ADC entrants can be sustained, it's clear we'll be downloading mobile software plenty more exciting than a picture of a red rock to our Android phones. The question, however, remains when will that be?

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