NordVPN business security suite launches new browser extension

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The business wing of NordVPN, perhaps the most popular VPN service around, has just launched a new "one-of-a-kind" browser extension.

With this new technology, NordLayer seeks to facilitate a new collaborative way of working among teams operating with hybrid cloud resources while keeping security and performance at its core.

For those not familiar, NordLayer is a multi-layered and hardware-free security solution intended to help businesses of any size or complexity bolster their network security. 

One-of-a-kind browser extension

"The NordLayer Browser Extension defines a simple, intuitive, and effective security approach developed by NordLayer. This add-on is an alternative solution for enriching existing ways to secure online activities," said NordLayer's Product Manager Artūras Bubokas.

Developers described the extension as a "lightweight option" able to deliver blazing speeds and stable connections, while maintaining the security standards across all the different NordLayer desktop and mobile apps. 

That's especially advantageous for organizations with different business VPN gateways, for example, which need to be used simultaneously on one device by encrypting data only at the browser level. This will help by "reducing internet usage, giving faster speeds, and improving performance for locally installed apps," explained Bubokas.

It also allows businesses to enjoy better flexibility in their choice of operating system, as it can be employed on devices running less mainstream operating systems, like ChromeOS.

NordLayer browser extension on screen

(Image credit: NordLayer)

NordLayer's one-of-a-kind browser extension is compatible with all the most popular web browsers, namely Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge.

NordVPN's business-focused department began operation in 2020 as a solely business VPN provider under the name of NordVPN Teams. A year later, the company revealed its new B2B offering: NordLayer, an adaptive network access security solution for modern businesses.

Its new browser extension reflects the company's mission of making it easier for businesses of any kind to implement a SASE and zero-trust security infrastructure able to adapt to an ever-changing work landscape.

Bubokas said: "The extension comes as a very handy and quick solution to provide secure internet access in a few clicks."

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