Nokia 8: tips and tricks for content creators

With the triumphant return of the Nokia brand to the smartphone world, it was a safe bet to assume that the mobile phone pioneer would do something to diverge from the norm when it came to the release of its new Android flagship handset. With the stunning Nokia 8, the Finnish company has done just that, building in a revolutionary new approach to capturing the world around you — as well as your reaction to it.

The rise of smartphones has made the term ‘selfie’ part of the modern lexicon, but Nokia is taking the self-photography phenomenon a step further with the introduction of the ‘Bothie’, a feature that allows the user to simultaneously capture their own face, as well as what they’re looking at. Using both its front and rear 13MP cameras (each of which has an impressive f/2.0 aperture) the Nokia 8 will let you capture any magnificent sights you spy alongside simultaneous stills or video of you admiring them — all without sacrificing image quality. 

Opening up new avenues of creativity, the ‘Bothie’ concept has the potential to change the way that internet content creators present their video material. Here are just some examples of how the Bothie will take your streaming game to the next level.

Facebook Live

A fantastic way to get your content in front of your friends as it’s being created, Facebook Live is the perfect platform for the Nokia 8’s game-changing Bothie technology. Using the handset’s Dual-Sight mode, you can simultaneously stream your thoughts and reactions to an audience of engaged viewers around the world with just a couple of taps. With built-in streaming straight to Facebook Live, there are no longer any hurdles to getting both sides of your story out, right as it’s taking place. The only way to show your friends something magnificent and tell them how you feel about it at the same time is with the Nokia 8’s Dual-Sight mode. 

YouTube Live

With its immensely popular video platform, YouTube has birthed a new generation of content creators and celebrities, ones who’ve become famous for delivering their thoughts and artistry directly to a captive audiences of viewers. Having already superseded free-to-air television as the premier home of video content, all you need to become a star on YouTube is a terrific camera, an internet connection and a dynamic personality. Now, thanks to the Nokia 8, you can have access to at least two of those things (it’s up to you to bring the personality). With built-in YouTube Live streaming, you can use the Nokia 8’s ZEISS optics to instantly broadcast yourself and what you’re looking at with total synchronicity. Attending an event? Use the Nokia 8’s Bothie technology to livestream your thoughts and give your audience an inside look at what you’re seeing.

Whatever your passion, with its Dual-Sight camera technology and groundbreaking Bothie functionality, the Nokia 8 gives you the tools you need to take your streaming game to a whole new level. The only limit is your imagination.