NetSuite readies itself for an increasingly remote and autonomous future

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Business software giant NetSuite is readying its product portfolio for a future that looks to be increasingly remote, according to founder and EVP Evan Goldberg.

Speaking ahead of the company’s annual event - which this year will take place online - Goldberg set out a vision for the coming months and years.

As always, the company will focus on affording its customers insight into performance, the agility to act quickly on findings and control over factors such as cost.

However, in light of the pandemic, NetSuite has also set its sights on delivering additional benefits surrounding collaboration and productivity.

“Collaboration for us goes beyond video conferencing and internal messaging. The deeper collaboration we think about is having one operational system and language across the organization,” said Goldberg.

“Successful businesses have no silos - and we believe your system shouldn’t need to. In this era, when it’s not possible to walk down the hall and people are working at different times, the fact people are working from the same playbook and with the same data is more important than ever.”

To deliver on these goals, according to Goldberg, the company will channel its efforts towards increasing the level of automation and intelligence in its platform - two attributes that should alleviate the burden on employees.

NetSuite upgrades

With no SuiteWorld this year, courtesy of the pandemic, the company used online event Netsuite Now On Air as a launchpad for its latest product announcements.

Of the many changes the firm has announced, the most significant center on the areas of supply chain, accounting and analytics.

The company has enhanced its existing analytics capabilities with the integration of Oracle Analytics Cloud, which will help customers pool information from multiple sources and perform “advanced scenario planning”.

On the accounting front, the NetSuite platform will now help its customers automate budgeting, transaction and cash management processes to a far greater degree.

The ability to allocate inventory in an intelligent manner and better predict potential risk, meanwhile, will be a boon for companies working with ultra-fine margins post-pandemic.

While Goldberg insists coronavirus has not altered the company’s product roadmap all that much, he was also keen to emphasize the ways in which the platform can help companies with the specific problems they are facing in this new context.

“It’s been an overwhelming year of change and businesses have been forced to build for a new reality,” he said.

“The latest updates [to the suite] will help our customers gain real-time visibility into their entire business so that they have the agility and control required to successfully build for what’s next.”

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