More developers reportedly now use Linux than macOS

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New 2022 figures have claimed some surprising results in what the most popular operating systems were in 2022

The 2022 Stack Overflow Developer Survey reports that Linux-based software is now more popular than Apple's macOS as developers apparently flock to other systems.

Linux distros, representing 40% for both personal and professional use, which are recognized as being some of the most customizable and adaptive operating systems for developers. The 40% share is up from around one quarter in each of the previous five years, which shows a significant shift to Linux that may continue into 2023.

However macOS figures continue to be strong in an area of the market that’s becoming increasingly expensive, representing 31% of personal users and 33% of professional users.

Maybe less shocking is Windows’ popularity, which sees it take the top position as the most used operating system, with almost two-thirds (62%) of personal users preferring the OS and nearly a half (49%) of  professional users opting for Microsoft’s product. 

The year of 2022 has also been the year of rising popularity for Windows 11, according to monthly Statcounter figures, which show a steady increase from less than 3% market share in January 2022 to an adoption rate of over 16% in November 2022. Windows 10 remains the most popular version of the OS to date, representing a significant 70% of the OS’s distributions.

Moreover, Statcounter reports that Windows accounts for 75% of all computer users globally, including and excluding developers. macOS takes just 16% of the market, while Linux accounts for less than 3%, further implying that this is a popular go-to for developers and programmers. 

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