Mobile Industry Awards 2022: Vodafone wins Best Place to Work

MIA 2022 Best place to work
(Image credit: Future)

Vodafone has been rewarded for its excellent workplace culture by taking the award for Best Place to Work at the Mobile Industry Awards 2022.

Across the Mobile Industry, the creation of a company culture is essential but it is far from easy. It’s more than just a vision, it’s something the collective can unite behind and give purpose to their employment. 

This award looked to celebrate the company which created an engaging and inclusive, diverse culture that brought staff together, improved their experience and the company’s performance as a result.

Our 2022 finalists were:

  • Aerial Direct
  • Digital Wholesale Solutions
  • Exertis
  • Genuine Solutions
  • Ice Comms
  • Onecom
  • Samsung
  • Sky Mobile
  • Vodafone

Our entrants were asked to submit entries based on the following criteria:

  • How does your company define “Culture and Purpose” and its importance? What steps have you taken to define your culture and purpose for employees?
  • How does your company define “Diversity and Inclusion” and its importance? What steps have you taken to define your diversity and inclusion for employees?
  • Please describe your strategy and programs you have implemented to give your employees a sense of inclusion and purpose
  • Please describe how employee input and feedback has been used in your culture-building efforts. Please share specific examples of how this feedback shaped your approach
  • Please share examples that illustrate the positive impact your culture-building efforts have had on your company

Why Vodafone won

Vodafone impressed our judges with the sheer range and diversity of projects and initiatives aimed at making the company a great place to work.

Alongside a positive company culture, setting targets and celebrating achievements were highlighted as making Vodafone stand out from the packed field of entrants.

Congratulations to Vodafone and to all of our 2022 finalists!