Mobile Industry Awards 2020: Meet our charity partner, Mind

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We are proud to have Mind, the mental health charity, as the charity partner for the Mobile Industry Awards 2020.

Highlighting the importance of a healthy mind, the collaboration will be marked by an all-new category for this year.

The inaugural People and Culture award invited entrants to showcase how they created an engaging, inclusive, and diverse culture that has helped bring staff together, improving both the workplace environment and company’s performance.

"We are delighted that Future Publishing has chosen to collaborate with us through the Mobile Industry Awards, as part of their commitment to improving mental health and wellbeing in the workplace," said Emma Ihsan, Head of Corporate Partnerships, Mind.

We invite the entire UK Mobile Industry to get involved and help contribute to a great cause. Use the link below to donate as much or as little as you or your organisation can to the Mind charity - all donations are welcome and very appreciated!

Donate to Mind here

Mental health at work commitment 

The Mental Health at Work Commitment is a simple framework that any organisation can follow to improve and support the mental health of their people. It builds on the Thriving at Work recommendations and pulls from pledges and standards that are already out there, using up-to-date research from employers and mental health experts.

The Commitment is a set of six key actions that any organisation can follow to improve and support the mental health of their people:

1.       Prioritise mental health in the workplace by developing and delivering a systematic programme of activity

2.       Proactively ensure work design and organisational culture drive positive mental health outcomes

3.       Promote an open culture around mental health

4.       Increase organisational confidence and capability

5.       Provide mental health tools and support

6.       Increase transparency and accountability through internal and external reporting

To get started with the Commitment, you simply provide your details via an online form and Mind will get in touch to ask for your organisation’s logo to add to the page of signatories. The information provided will offer suggestions on the six standards and what they involve.

There’s no checking or assessment from Mind or others; the Commitment is simply your organisation making a public pledge to take these actions to support your workforce, and a set of information pages and resources to get you started.

For more information, visit

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SAVE THE DATE! Running for more than a decade, the Mobile Industry Awards represent the gold standard of excellence in the industry. From the boardroom to the grassroots, the entrants represent the best and brightest the UK and European mobile industry has to offer. For its 19th year we're celebrating the best Manufacturers, Retailers, Networks, Distributors and Dealers on June 24 2021.